Bundelkhand: Farmers struggle, blame corruption in banks and Modi’s unfulfilled promises for their plight

Mannu Lal, a farmer in Deora village of Jhansi district in UP, used the Kisan Card to take a loan of ₹42,000 after which he took a second loan of ₹1,07,000. He paid off his first loan and used the rest of the money towards agricultural expenses. Later, he would learn that the bank had hiked his limit by another ₹32,000. But the amount was taken out of the account soon after.

“I don’t know what happened to that ₹32,000. They will not explain it to me properly. I am uneducated, I don’t understand the technical terms that they throw at me. All I understand is that I didn’t get to use this money but I have to pay it back. And to pay it back, I will have to mortgage some of my fields,” he said, showing the documents.


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