#4: Where To Pitch This Week (Aug 28 -Sep 4)

Here’s your weekly list of places to pitch — go crazy!

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This news and opinion website provides a fresh spin on news, entertainment, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, books, and any thing else that concern women. The website targets women ages 18 to 34, focusing on general interest topics from a female angle.





An international fashion magazine for women. Often referred to as Cosmo, its content includes articles on women’s issues, relationships, sex, health, careers, self-improvement, celebrities, fashion, and beauty. Their goal is to “to empower women to empower themselves.” They also print personal essays and stories.

Pitch features to: catriona.innes@hearst.co.uk

News reports to: dusty.baxter-wright@hearst.co.uk

First Person Essays : paisley.gilmour@hearst.co.uk

Beauty : victoria.jowett@hearst.co.uk

Fashion: natasha.harding@hearst.co.uk


A social action platform that covers major issues on the planet including topics on women’s issues, health, education, finance and innovation, food and hunger, water and sanitation, environment, citizenship and more. In Global Citizen’s News section, there are plenty of opinion pieces and articles highlighting the work of nonprofits around the world.
Pitch here: editorial@globalcitizen.org


Bitch defines culture as” broad, encompassing cultural attitudes and myths, phenomena of the popular imagination, and social trends as well as movies, TV shows, web series, books, internet subcultures, and the like. For Bitch, culture also includes politics, science, health, and life, including food, parenting, chronic illness, relationships, religion, activism, education, climate change, and different elements of our lives that we all consider as we decide who we are as feminists.” They are looking for “discussion-provoking critical essays and reported features that are well researched with evidence to back up claims, timely statistics, and connections between one’s personal experience and larger social forces. Interviews with feminist culture-makers are welcome, as are book, film, and music reviews and nuanced analyses of particularly horrifying and/or inspiring examples of pop culture.”

You can submit your article here.


A positive online community for women (although men are always welcome!) covering the latest in beauty, fashion, lifestyle, female empowerment, culture, relationships, friendship, careers, and issues that matter most to young women’s lives. “We’re especially interested in personal essays and cultural criticism with unique and diverse points of view, LGBTQ perspectives, smart articles with original reporting, and illustrations.”


A daily news site where race matters, featuring award-winning in-depth reporting, news analysis, opinion and curation. Do not send completed manuscripts — the editors would like to work on your idea along with you. For photo essay submissions, provide an introductory note that explains the idea behind your work. Also, please include captions, no more than 150 words for each photograph.

Send your ideas here: submissions@colorlines.com

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